Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Le Page Primary School

Leadership is the umbrella term to encompass the many character traits and basic life competencies that parents, business leaders, and educators are voicing as the desired skills necessary to thrive in the 21st century. Leadership is a concept we don’t normally consider when thinking of young children. However, young children are very capable of learning leadership skills and using them at home and at school. By developing well-rounded children who know their strengths, we help them to unleash their potential to lead their own lives and to influence others.

Through the use of the 7 Habits, students begin to realise that they have control over much of what happens in their lives and can be true leaders. Their choices can affect their day, their relationships, and their future. The 7 Habits empowers even young students to stop and think about their choices and the different outcomes that may come with those choices. Based on timeless principles, the 7 Habits become the “hands-on” tools students can rely on while on their journey to becoming leaders – of themselves and of others.

When you visit us, you will see, hear and feel the difference we are making in the lives of our students.

George Danson

School Profile

Established in 1995, Le Page is an attractive school on a vast property comprising green fields, adventure playgrounds and ball courts.

Adjacent to the school is a football oval, netball courts and parkland. Located in Argus Street, Le Page Park is the hub of extra-curricular and sporting activities in Cheltenham. Weeknights and weekends are a buzz with several associations coming together for sporting competitions. Out of school hours, the school facilities are home to Spanish courses, martial arts, and orchestra workshops. Le Page Primary School is the home of the Gould League, an environmental education group. A section of the main building boasts environmentally themed rooms and exploration spaces where students learn about sustainability and recycling.

In 2017, newly appointed principal came with a new vision and mission. The school was relaunched and instantly captured the interest of local families. Le Page Primary has begun a new and exciting journey. A small school, with a country-school feel, is destined for state-wide recognition. With a new and inspirational leader, and a new dynamic staff, it is projected Le Page Primary School will experience exponential growth and lead the way in educational excellence.

Listen to Our School Song!

Le Page School Song

At Le Page we love to learn and love to work and play

At Le Page there’s lot of things we learn throughout the day

The teachers see the leader in me and we can see it too

You can see the 7 Habits in everything we do

So join in the chorus as we come together and sing

Every child here has a gift they bring

We’re all special in our own way

And we’re gonna be a leader today

Yes we’re gonna be a leader today 


George Danson

Assistant Principal:
Courtney Mason

Business Manager:
Libby Mason

Brooke Sheppard

Classes & Teachers
00A Narelle Diggins
00B Michaela Cohen
12A Jacqueline Buchan 
12B Chloe Luff
12C Samuel Downs 
12D Hannah Jackson 
34A Serena Lowrie
34B Richard Earl 
34C Olivia Pinzone 
56A Madeleine Simos 
56B Samuel Boontjes
& Gemma Baker 

56C Nicholas Duckett

Disability & Inclusion:
Jennifer Hayes

Lisa Webber

Leader in Me:
Nicholas Duckett

Physical Education:
Jarrod Bradley

Jarrod Bradley

Shelley Bradley

Shelley Bradley

Susie Davies-Splitter 

Karen Dragatsikas

Katy Kritharidou

F-2 Tutor:
Julie Taylor

3-6 Tutor:
Marisha Telegin 

Education Support:
Shelley Ryan 

Beth Ervine 
Zehra Erczmann 
Kat Ruddock 
Kelleigh Caulfield
Giancarlo Siclari 
Judit Gallego
Katy Kritharidou

Thomas Picking
Matilda Currie
Claudia Jenkinson 
Anna Ottersbach
Nick O’Donovan 
Anna Bowyer 
Isa Johnson 
Lara Vaksman 
Emily Dare 
Amber Stelling 


Vision, Mission, Attitude & Habits

Our Vision

There is a prosperous path for every child. Each journey is theirs to lead. There is a place, in which every child can shine.

Our Mission

Identify the talent, develop the confidence and create the leader.

Our Attitude

Be thankful for what we have.

Practice random acts of kindness.

Keep in the present moment.

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?

Our 7 Habits

Be Proactive
(I’m in charge)

Begin with the End in Mind
(have a plan)

Put First Things First
(work first then play)

Think Win-Win
(everyone can win)

Seek First to Understand Then to Be Understood
(listen before you talk)

(together is better)

Sharpen the Saw
(balance feels best)

Plans & Reports

2021-2024 School Strategic Plan

2024 Annual Implementation Plan

2023 Annual Report

Find operational policies and guidance for schools from the Department of Education and Training at:

Policies & Standards

Statement of Values & School Philosophy

Bullying Prevention 05.2021

Camps & Excursions

Child Safety Code of Conduct 2021

Child Safety Policy 05.2021

Policies & Standards (cont’d)

Child Safety Poster

Child Safety Recruitment 2021

Child Safety Responding & Reporting Obligations Policy & Procedures 2023

Complaints Policy 2022

Mobile Phones & Devices Policy 2020

Privacy Collection Statement

Student Behaviour Management (Discipline)

Volunteer Policy 05.2021

Gould League’s
Sustainability Excursion Centre 

Supporting schools to embed sustainability since 1909

Gould League’s one-of-a-kind Sustainability Education Centre now resides within Le Page Primary (since 2016) and provides an immersive learning environment for students visiting on excursion.

The Centre’s engaging themed rooms include the following:

  • The Incredible Shrinking Machine – an amazing journey to the secret inside workings of a compost bin complemented by a sound and light show.
  • Wastelands – provides an interactive exploration through the world of natural resources, rubbish, littering and recycling.
  • 3R’s Room – features a modern mini-mart, an ‘Olde Worlde’ shop, e-waste display, recycling relay bins and more.
  • Worm Room – home to our working worm farms to sift through and explore!
  • Microscope Pit – for observing living things up close in real time with a TV Video Microscope.
  • Drama Room – where science and sustainability concepts come to life complete with an array of costumes and props.
  • Minibeast garden – perfect for observing and collecting urban biodiversity of the plant and invertebrate variety.
  • Plus some friendly resident Stick Insects!

Gould League equips teachers to integrate science, geography and sustainability into their curriculum, connects students with their natural world and empowers the community to live more sustainably.

Learn more at the Gould League website