Term Dates

Term 1:
31 January to 29 March

Term 2:
16 April to 29 June

Term 3:
16 July to 21 September

Term 4:
8 October to 21 December

The following Curriculum/Student Free days have been endorsed by School Council:

  • Friday  15th June 2017
  • Friday 21st December 2017

Lunch Order Service



School Council

Le Page Primary School Council consists of 9 Councillors – 6 Parents and 3 DET Employees (2 Staff, plus the Principal). In line with Department of Education and Training Policy, the clear majority of members are Parents. Half the Council is elected each year and Councillors serve 2-year terms. The School Council determines School Policy within Departmental Guidelines and oversees the School Budget. We meet 8 times per year (twice per term).

Nominations and elections for Council are completed by the end of Term 1 each year. Being on School Council is a great way to contribute to the School for the benefit of all students and their families.



President: Stuart Cowden

Vice President: Rita Moon

Educational Policy Sub-Committee Leader: Geraldine Burke

Buildings and Grounds Sub-Committee Leader: Stuart Cowden

Social and Fundraising Sub-Committee Leader: Rita Moon

Parent Member: Emma Benitez

Parent Member: Christina Johns




Jarrod Bradley
Heather Gillott
George Danson (Principal)

School Councillors may be contacted through the school’s Email:

Sub-committees of School Council and their purpose

Annual Indicative and Confirmed Budgets for Council Consideration and Oversee the Investment of Funds

Educational Policy:
School Operations Policies A-Z

Social and Fundraising:
Organise Class (parent) Reps; Manage activities that foster a welcoming and friendly atmosphere e.g. morning / afternoon teas; Kids’ Disco; Bunnings Sausage Sizzle; Raffles; Stalls; Drives and Trivia Nights

Buildings and Grounds:
Working Bees and School Council Projects