Specialist Programs

At Le Page Primary, our current Specialist Programs are: Visual Arts, Physical Education, and Music/Performing Arts. In 2015 all these sessions are of 1 hour duration. 

At every opportunity, Specialist Teachers integrate their program with what is going on in the regular classrooms and frequently organise special events for the whole School.  In 2013, students developed their Circus Skills with the “Little Devils” organisation, last here in 2010.

In 2014, film director and producer Bruce Grantford led all classes and teachers through a 6 week program culminating in the production of our own class (and Staff!) movies shown at Southland Cinemas last September!  We still have copies of the DVD – just ask at the Office!

In 2015 our special program is being provided by the Footsteps Dance organisation.  We’ll have weekly lessons throughout Term 2 (except for Year 5/6 Camp week June 9-11) working toward a whole School Concert on Wednesday, June 24.  (Mark that in your diaries!)

We have a well-resourced Library and classes are timetabled for book borrowing each week with their classroom teachers. We support the Premier’s Reading Challenge for interested students and will continue the tradition in 2015 of conducting an Annual Book Fair.

We have notebook or netbook computers available to all classrooms.  Note/Netbooks give staff the flexibility to have students working individually, in small groups, or with the whole class.  The ICT equipment in the School is a combination of items being owned or leased but is aimed at ensuring that Students and Staff always have up-to-date technology at their finger-tips.

Interactive Whiteboards are available in all teaching and learning spaces and we have a combination of fixed or portable IWBs in those spaces.  Teaching and learning in a modern environment!

In 2015, we’ll be continuing with the introduction of Italian with our Foundation (Prep)/One class when the Foundation students go to full time (no Wednesdays off) with the support of the extensive range of activities available on the DET Languages on Line website.  Italian has been chosen due to its phonetic base and – as the students get to Year 6 – this language is available in the local Secondaries and it would be a transitional advantage for our students should they wish to develop it further. 

In 2014 we celebrated Multicultural Week by focusing on the Italian culture and organised a fantastic visit from the Italian Clown – Cristoff.  Buongiorno!