Sport in Schools

A Federally supported program through Sports Australia, this program allows us to apply for funding each term to support the provision of additional sporting programs beyond our weekly specialist lessons in Fundamental Motor and Sporting skills.  So far this year the students have enjoyed and developed skills in Soccer, Rugby and Gymnastics – with more to come in the second semester.

Heath (Foundation) seems to be waiting for the ball with Soccer Coach, Jeff.  Don’t catch it!  You get into trouble for handling the ball in soccer.

Soccer drills in the skills are easily disguised as fun.

Chris always had some warm-up games up his sleeve to begin the sessions.

A different “Chris” this time from the Melbourne Sports Institute.  Chris is seen here helping the students to stretch within a warm-up sequence before starting the serious stuff.

Chris, the Rugby Coach from Melbourne Sports Institute, poses with our younger students.  All students had the advantage of a 4 week program with Chris. 

Gregory is showing off.  Not only is he walking the balance beam, but he’s balancing a “frog” (bean bag) on his head whilst going along.

Keep a lookout for pics of our Terms 3 & 4 Programs.