Curriculum 2016

In recent years Education Ministries at Federal and State levels have been working toward resolving the differences in approach between the States and implement a National Curriculum.

Efforts toward a National Curriculum during 2014-2015 have culminated in the creation of the Victorian Curriculum K-10.  This curriculum is still developmental in nature (not necessarily grade related, but linked to stages in learning), but the structure has been arranged in seven levels for Primary, being Foundation (Prep), then levels 1-6.

In Victoria, we are moving toward fully adopting this curriculum by 2017, although there is a great deal of commonality with the programs preceding and so the transition is smooth.  Through assessment in all areas, we find out what students know and then move them on to the next “step”.  We attempt, through a more individualised approach and small groups as well as whole class activities, to meet each student at their point of need.

Though a small school, we offer a comprehensive curriculum in a supportive, family-oriented learning environment where every child is known well. Specialist areas include Visual Arts, Music/Performing Arts and Physical Education. The classroom curriculum is enriched by excursions, incursions, camps and Inter-School Sport for the senior students.

Classes may be multi-aged or “straight”, according to needs and in keeping with the structure of the AusVELS Curriculum. In 2016 we are running two classes with our small numbers.  Classes are an F-2 and another of Years 3-6.  Teacher:Pupil ratio in 2016 is 1:10, making even more opportunities to better individualise learning.

Our aspirations continue to be:  Innovative Curriculum, Teamwork, Nurturing Environment, High Achievement and being Student Centred.

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