Werribee Mansion

Part of the excitement of an excursion is the bus trip.  Tyson and Junsung are ready to go!

Wow!  Not many of us have ever seen a Mansion like this from the outside.  The children were wondering what the period-dressed guides would show us on the inside.

This is the Drawing Room at the Mansion.  We would probably call it a lounge.  The people originally owning the property were obviously quite rich.  Not a wide screen TV or home theatre in sight.

You’d need to have a lot of friends to fit around this dinner table.  It would be good to have servants bring you your meal and fussing around all the time.

This kitchen is where they prepared the meals for so many friends.  So many ovens, and all of them had to be heated with burning wood.

In the laundry, Manav (right) has a go at using a tub and washboard whilst Ryan looks on to ensure he pays attention to the collars.

After washing, it goes through the mangle.  Make sure to keep your fingers out of the way.  It makes you realise how amazing modern washing machines are.

Sienna, Manav, Chennie and Aarav are finding out what it’s like to write on a slate like they did in the old days.  Not very easy, but fun to have a go!

We gathered in one of the children’s bedrooms to discuss some of what we have seen and learned.

We all agreed that Werribee Mansion was a fun and educational place to visit.