The Summit

5/6 Camp 2014

Still the favourite Camp of our Year 3-6 Program, this year’s visit to the Outdoor Adventure Camp at “The Summit” in Trafalgar East did not disappoint.

Part of the fun was preparing to sleep in tents!  The porch area was a comfortable spot to catch up on a snack or our Camp Diaries.

There was also a larger tent equipped with picnic table seating we could use for some activities.

The main point of Camp, however, is to get outside and move about.  We were doing this very soon after arrival with our leaders Ellen and Sammi.

The ‘Stop and Go’ game had us thinking logically in our teams to find the right path through a collection of coloured tiles.

In the evening we had a quiz in the camp lodge and a night hike.  Sorry, no pics.  Teachers hoped that the night hike would tire the students out enough to help them get to sleep quickly later.  Yeah, right!

On the second day we really got into the action with a new activity (not there two years ago on our last visit) – giant inflatables. 

The inflatable is called “Adrenaline Rush” and you start off by crawling through the entry slot and going under the first roller, then through and around other stuff ….

… before doing a mini rock climb up the back to get to the top of the slide for a finish!

Walking the nails challenged students’ fears and enabled us to put into practice “The Summit” student welfare program of setting a ‘target’, then looking at what might be considered a ‘stretch’, then a ‘super stretch’.  Jordan ‘super stretched’ his way all along the bed of nails and set the school record of 1 minute 15 seconds for standing on it.  The secret:  No holes in his feet afterward as his weight was evenly distributed over many nails.   

Some thought that was a challenge, but then we were introduced to Mitch the Queensland Rock Python and holding him was a bit of a challenge for some as well.

In the Team Challenge, the first task was to use the ropes to get all the team up the side of a very dirty and steep hill.

Again working as a team we had to get everyone out of the foam rubber filled ‘Pit’.  Teams had to find then take care of hidden large jig-saw pieces as they went around to the various challenge stations.

A couple of other activities then the giant jig-saw had to be completed by the team to finish!  A great opportunity for our students to demonstrate leadership, teamwork and co-operation.

The Monster Challenge again pitted one team against the other in a multi-activity event.  One of the tasks was to work as a team to get a tyre onto and over a pole.  Some co-operation and at least one strong back required here.  Another challenge was to carry other tyres with the team from one station to the next.  Also, one student was given the job of protecting a fresh egg from damage – all the way to the end.

Carrying a piece to fit on a large triangular frame at the end, run the gauntlet of the swinging fitness balls with a partner, then walk along a balance beam and place your piece. 

The last and best part (for anyone observing and not actually doing it) was to crawl under the cargo net through the dirty water of the pond dragging their tyres with them. Tired and dirty, students received the news that they’d be doing it all again in an effort to improve their time!  Oh, yippee!

Even more tired and dirty after the second time through the Challenge, everyone suddenly perked up when Ellen and Sammi kindly opened up the waterfront.

That evening we made party hats (Mrs. Ball’s birthday!) from newspaper and kinder squares and played some party games in the tent village lodge.  For supper, the Summit Chefs provided orange cake for us to put a candle in and sing “Happy Birthday” to Mrs. Ball.

On our final day (Friday) we faced the giant swing (tallest in Victoria!) and the sky Bridge.  It’s hard to get a good picture of students on the giant swing.  They had to go in pairs after deciding together how high they wanted to go before counting down and pulling the cord.  These two are just about to drop from the highest point.

Then they swing out over one of the dams.  (Hard to see)

Just because we’re well harnessed and attached to the cable over the top, doesn’t mean that the sky bridge isn’t challenging to cross. 

Ellen (left) and Sammi hoped we would bring our adventurous spirit back to Le Page and announced the winning teams and special awards to students who had been nominated by the peers in acknowledgement of Leadership or ‘having a go’.

Thanks to “The Summit”.  Best Camp ever!