Thanks, Coles and Woollies!

Thanks to the School Community, Coles & Woollies

In the last week we’ve been lucky enough to receive items ordered through the “Sport for Schools” (Coles) and “Earn and Learn” shopper dockets/stickers campaigns.  Many of these items have already been eagerly snapped up by the students.  Through the Coles program (and your shopping) we’ve received a great deal of additional sports equipment and other items – balls, nets, markers, colour bands and large storage bags (with castors!).  As the Woollies program involved a broader range of products than just ‘Sport’ we’ve gained resources across a number of curriculum areas – stop watches, lego construction sets, clay, glue and paper for the Art Room, human body models, stethoscopes and resources for our integrated unit/science program, technology assembly kits and even a drum kit for the music program!!  We are most grateful to the families and friends who passed their dockets/stickers on to us during both of these programs.

Our P-2 class wanted to test the Lego construction kits from Woollies and Modern Teaching Aids. Would this skyscraper put shadows on the Shrine?

Get out of the way, Stephanie, I’m trying to move my Police Car!

We have a couple of percussionists in the Instrumental Program who can’t wait to have a go at the ‘Tornado’ Drum Kit.  (We can’t believe Mr. Martin put it together without instructions!  He’s not known to be a practical type!)

The School is most grateful to the members of our Community for passing on their dockets/stickers to us as part of the programs at Coles and Woollies.  It was a great result, benefitting all students.