Techno Tennis


As a supplement to our specialist PE Program, “Techno Tennis” visited Le Page to provide a free tennis clinic to all year levels.  The “Techno” bit is the modern music they play in the background as they instruct the students on their stroke play.

The Year 6s kicked the morning off (or should I say “hit”?).

Jason and his Staff certainly kept things moving for Mrs. Ball’s group. 

Mrs. Hyatt’s P-2s finished off the morning with a great deal of energy.  Thanks to Mrs. Murphy for organising the “Techno Tennis” visit.  They are offering a before school program for the next six weeks on Mondays for those interested.  Forms with the details have been issued.  (Don’t get this confused with our – free – After School Tennis on Wednesdays)

To enquire further, Jason Gasper can be contacted at “Techno Tennis” on 0400 217 744.  Their website is