Teacher Resources

Lots to use in support of learning….

Staff at Le Page have extensive resources upon which to base engaging activities in all areas.  Our Resource Room holds $1,000s of Reading and Integrated Unit material for Teachers and Students to use in our Programs.  There are lots of ideas here.  This is also where we have our colour photocopier, scanner, laminator, guillotine, book binder and other equipment for making teaching and learning aids.  We try to keep it tidy ……

Science and Technology

Water conservation resources?  Batteries?

And ….

Gears and gizmos anyone?


Counters?  We’ve got a million of ’em – and other teaching aids too!


Garry has more than this to choose from, it’s just a quick pic of a (relatively tidy) corner.

Physical Education

Rob Collins and the Class Teachers have quite a range of Sports, PE, and PMP equipment to use.  The children also get to borrow from a separate store room for equipment during recess and lunch.  This is just the “serious” lesson store room.

Interactive Whiteboards

Now in all classrooms and our Computer Lab to assist with demonstations, Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) are in every classroom.  We’re certainly ready for the introduction of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s (DEECD) “Ultranet”.  Our Staff (and School Community) will be one of the first Schools “in” from May in 2010.