Taskworks Excursion

Again showing one of the many benefits of being a small school, all students were able to participate in the same excursion to ‘Taskworks’ in Mulgrave during Term 2. In groups we were able to undertake many activities within the centre, with the focus being on team work, problem solving and just having some fun!

One of the tasks was for the groups to dismantle, re-design and reconstruct robots. A bit of thinking, co-operation and planning required. Left to right, Finn, Mark, Jordan, Cameron and Ben created something which could have come from ‘Lost in Space’.

Not to be outdone, the girls (Brianna, Adelia, Elaine & Selin, training to be models) had a wonderful result with a different design.

The dress-ups for the ‘Make a scene’ activity were very popular.  Knights of the Round Table with a fair damsel (looking a bit like Snow White) in the background.

This group certainly made a ‘scene’ as a medieval royal family and their protectors.

The ‘Stomp a Stump’ was a great competitive game between pairs. As the ‘Stump’ popped up, you or your partner needed to stomp on it fairly quickly before it went back down again and you missed out on the point. As you’d guess, the most points won!

Where else would you find a cuter group of Princesses?  Where is my Prince?

The Rock n’ Roll gear got some of them going.

The ‘Peg Memory’ board was another team challenge for the groups.

Use the foam blocks to create, well, a wall!

The pole maze was a timed challenge.

Thanks to Mrs. Hyatt for organising the day.  We might go back with our families or for a birthday party.  There was lots more to do.