Specialist Programs & Spaces


With the introduction of wireless notebooks some years ago, and the commissioning of 20 netbooks in the senior learning area early in 2015, our students have had wireless access to the internet and other learning programs wherever they may be in the School for quite a while.  Teachers and students are used to having this flexibility without having to visit a Computer Room!  Students can save their work to a Student Shared Drive to finish off later, building up a digital portfolio for Teachers to assess.

Music/Performing Arts

In specialist lessons for 60 minutes per week, all classes participate in this program.  We have the Footsteps Dance Company working with us in 2015, leading into a Concert on 24th. June.  Choir (Years 2-6) has reformed and we schedule a number of special events during the year as well as smaller performances at our weekly assemblies in the Hall.


Our Hall is quite spacious and is used for indoor Phys. Ed sessions, Music/Drama, our Friday afternoon assemblies and other special events.  It’s also available to the community after hours.


 All students have the opportunity to visit the Library with their classroom teachers each week as part of our Literacy program to learn about how libraries operate and to borrow some books or resources to take home.  

Library Displays

Whenever something is happening, Staff try to prepare an engaging Library display to draw the attention of students to resources related to a unit or theme.  Watch out for news of our Book Fair in August!

Art Room

Every class enjoys Visual Arts lessons with Mrs. Murphy each week in our well-equipped Art Room.

Arts Around the School

This allows for classes to contribute to the wonderful displays of Art work Mrs. Murphy proudly shows off in our corridor and around the rest of the school.

Fish & People….

We have weird Crayon Resist Fish and even weirder Crayon Resist People!

Instrumental Teaching

Now well established after being introduced in 2009, Le Page offers weekly individual or group lessons in keyboard, singing, percussion and guitar provided by a private teacher.