Lightning Premiership Netball

Against Mentone Girls, Antosia is on the prowl waiting for a pass.

Stephanie was often in position as our Goal Shooter.  Here she is waiting for an opportunity with her direct opponent.

Helena has the ball and looking out for someone to pass it to.  Antosia has her back to us, but she’s looking ready to receive.

Unfortunately all our girls with their backs to the camera, but Jenny, Helena and Sofia are doing their best to defend against a Southmoor move forward. We eventually won this game.

The team was grateful for a break part way through the fixture.

Always trying hard, Antosia takes the ball against Stella Maris.  Jenna from Kingston Heath looks on in the background.

Stephanie sees an opportunity and you can tell she’s determined to make the most of it.

Still able to smile at the end of it all.  (Left to Right) Helena, Stephanie, Sofia, Antosia, Phoebe (KH), Vanessa (KH), Tilley (KH), Jenna (KH) and Jenny.