Scienceworks Excursion

Learning Can Be Fun!

We arrived in good time, despite a hold-up on the Monash (like that’s never happened before!) forcing us to go via. Nepean Highway.  The guides met us at the entrance, we stowed our gear and went off to the first activity.

Scienceworks Staff Member, Miranda, took us for a session related to the forces which help us to play with out toys.  We talked about most toys needing a push or a pull, but we also talked about some being affected by friction.

Kayden got to ride (carefully, considering the broken left arm you can’t quite see) on a skateboard, needing a push or a pull to get him going.  We noted that it was friction which eventually slowed him down.

William got to have a go on the trampette.  A push causes him to jump up and gravity forces him down to jump again.  Good fun, but we never thought there might be science involved in just playing with our toys!

After our session with Miranda, we got the chance to explore the special ‘Alice in Wonderland’ display nearby.  We had to go through the (white) rabbit hole to get there.

She didn’t have to eat or drink anything special, but Shekinah found – just like Alice – that she was too big to fit into the little house.  So many bits left over!

Billy, Noah and Timur got to sit and imagine the wind in their hair on an electric motorcycle.  (The little girl of the right isn’t one of ours)

Sarthak and Noah are having a go at racing Cathy Freeman.  She could do this distance in two seconds.  What can we achieve?

A professional baseball pitcher can toss at 160 kmh.  Callum is having a go at matching that and trying to get it into the target hole at the same time.  Good luck with that.

Olivia and Harparteek are trying to figure out what fraction of a cake might be best to cater for the number of guests at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

Billy found an amazing machine which could tell you where you’d come out on the other side of the world if you could dig a tunnel directly through the centre from where you are standing.  That’s one long rabbit hole!

Gregory, Liam and Aaviela got to explore a model space station.  You can’t get the sense of the rotating walls giving the impression of artificial gravity from the photo.

To play sport effectively, good nutrition is vital.  Jorji is checking out the items that make up a healthy diet.

Jenny and Stephanie are getting just a small taste of what it might be like to push a racing wheelchair 400m. around a disabled Olympics track.  Whew!