Renovations -Start to Finish!


Our latest project with $375,000 in “Better Schools Today” funding from the State Government has three aspects and reached practical completion on 29th. February – ahead of schedule!  The first was remodelling the front entry of the School to make it more modern and with easier access for all who may wish to visit.

A new ramp assists those who are disabled, or mums with prams or those delivering larger items to the school. 

The concrete slabs looked a bit untidy during construction, but asphalt was to go in between. 

A canopy has gone above the old entry steps and the old red doors have been replaced by more modern and welcoming aluminium and glass ones.  (We asked the builders to sit down for the photo.  They really were quite active most of the time!)

The second aspect – Mr. Martin looked forward to his double Music-Performing Arts-Instrumental classroom to be completed.  This space used to be our single rooms 2 and 4.  There’s a finished picture later.  Keep scrolling down.

The most important aspect was the extensive remodelling of our old Library, the corridor and what used to be rooms 11 and 12.  This has become a more open learning area, but still has three clear spaces for the intending classes.  The project also involved installation of feature windows on the Argus Street side and improved office and work space for staff.

This used to be our Library (which is being relocated, not lost!), making up two class spaces.

The old Library and second classroom space from the other angle.

The third classroom space is where our old room 12 used to be.  You can see the new full length feature windows to the Argus Street frontage.  Coloured glass panels have now been set into the bottom section of the panels and looks fantastic.

Meeting/Withdrawal space and staff office (behind the scaffolding on the left).  Much better than the old room 11.

One of the great features of the classroom design is a “break out” decking through aluminium and glass doors onto the playground side of the building.  A garden bed has been cut into the surrounding asphalt. 

As of 10th. February, you can see the front entry taking shape with the contrasting pieces of cement and asphalt.  Too bad it’s sort of black and white.  Heather supports St. Kilda and Garry goes for the Bombers.  Heather thinks we could put red roses in the flower bed (seen just on the right of the steps) and it’ll be fine – for her.  The metal posts either side of the steps will support the entry canopy.

The classroom space is really moving along.  Acoustic tiling will reduce the noise of three classes in the one space. 

The colour scheme is ultra-modern, but designed to be calming in the learning areas and a little more exciting in the areas where that is appropriate.  A computer nook is awaiting the introduction of our notebooks. 

Architects Clarke-Hopkins-Clarke are well aware of the need teachers and students have for storage of resources.

Woops!  By cutting into the old asphalt to create the garden bed near the break-out decking, we’ve discovered it’s a little thicker than we thought.  Plan ‘B’?

Wow!  The interior is certainly coming along.

The Music/Performing Arts space was completed first.  Mr. Martin has room to spread out his mess and Ursula has plenty of space to conduct our Wednesday Instrumental Teaching Program in Guitar, Keyboard and Voice!

Where the builders were sitting earlier, is now a far more functional and modern outlook.  A new sign bearing the School’s name and logo goes up on Monday.

The ramp has now enabled better access for all wishing to visit.

… and now, the Learning Space looks like this ….  (Sorry, a bit of the storage furniture is in the way)

…and this ….   (note the orange glass panels at the base of the feature windows)

… and another angle. 

The sliding doors out to the playground – with the garden bed.

The new school sign completes the front entry.  Far more welcoming than the earlier version and easy access for parents with prams, the disabled and deliveries.

Students finally moved in on May 22nd., after installation of the Interactive Whiteboards.  There was certainly a lot of activity throughout the space as all classes worked together on hats for our “Mad Hatter’s Biggest Morning Tea” in aid of the Cancer Council.

With students now in their new “Senior Learning Community”, we now have the space to re-establish our Library, which has been in storage since last year.

We are most grateful to Wayne Stevens and Sam Chine from Clarke-Hopkins-Clarke and Lloyd Group Builders for what is such a wonderful improvement to the teaching and learning environment at Le Page.

Watch out for news of the official opening of this facility and the Junior Learning Community Centre.