Play to Learn

Children in our Junior Learning Community love the ‘Play to Learn’ activities.  It’s an opportunity for them to do many investigations, activities and solve problems in pairs or groups across both classes and Years Foundation (Prep) to Two.  Here Miss McCartney and the children are using the potatoes harvested from our organic garden to make chips!

How did they taste?  Great!

Heidi and Sienna (Year Ones) are introducing L’Amour to the traditional game of dominoes.  They think they’re ‘playing’, but we know it involves counting, developing a strategy, and practising the skills involved in co-operation and taking turns.

Liam (Year One, left) and Junsung (Year 2) rolled out and used play-doh to write their names.  Great smiles, guys!

Lola (Foundation) and Josie (Year 2) used their engineering and problem-solving skills with the duplo to create their mini city with tall (but stable) buildings, garages and cars.

Not to be outdone by the girls, Manav (Year One), Kayden and Louis (Foundation) did their own lego engineering.  ‘Play to Learn’ is one of their favourite times of the week.