Organic Gardens

The Le Page Patch

Most of our organic garden beds went to seed or dried out over the holidays. The beds were “screaming out” for some attention.

The beds which weren’t dried out and patchy, were lush with weeds and wayward kikuyu runners.

The cherry tomatoes thrived over the holidays, providing a convenient snack for people wandering the grounds during the holidays and the basis for a yummy tomato spaghetti for us all to enjoy in the “Mrs Corr Rules Kitchen”.  (Refer Newsletter No. 6)

When Mr Martin said, “OK, let’s get into it!”, Antosia took him literally!

Mr Martin took the Year 3-6 group out one morning and they did a great job weeding, turning soil over, spreading fertiliser (horse manure – yuck!) and ‘Satur-aid’.

Remas and Billy did a great job with one of our box gardens, preparing the way for and transplanting some of our parsley.

A double surprise!  We found some of last year’s potato crop still under the surface whilst turning things over. We found something else as well and we’re still trying to find out who planted the seed which produced a golf ball!

Once outside, the youngsters focused their energy to get quite a deal planted.  Broccoli seemed to be the most popular (don’t understand why!). Working around the planter, Rayan, L’Amour, Shekinah, Billy, Heath, Chennie, Miranda and Lola are participants in this totally impromptu and unposed shot.

We watered in the new soil, fertiliser and water agent, then let the beds sit for a couple of days.  On Friday, when the big kids were off winning an inter-school volleystars match, the younger students were gathered around so that Mrs Corr could explain how they were going about putting in some new things.

Mrs Corr’s people kindly left some seedlings behind for the older children to plant sometime after Sport or early next week.  We now look forward to seeing what we might be able to harvest before Winter sets in.