Organic Garden Program

Resulting from expressing interest and making an application, we were very pleased to hear toward the end of 2013 that we had been granted $3,500 in resources to assist with the implementation of an Organic Gardening Program supported by Australian Certified Organic and sponsored by KADAC.

Still very much at the beginning stages, we plan to establish our Organic Garden in the ‘dry river bed’ between our Junior Learning Centre and the school oval. 

In the last two years we’ve raised vegies and herbs for use in school activities (the potatoes were yummy!) using the two corrugated beds provided kindly by Bunnings as part of their Community Involvement Project in 2011.  School Council purchased another three planter boxes toward the end of 2013 with the intent of expanding these practices.  They are yet to be filled with soil and straw to promote the ‘no dig’ approach to vegie gardening.  

Classes have already commenced discussing what it means to have an ‘organic’ approach in gardening and our Year 6s, Parents and Staff have been progressively weeding and preparing the space.  As you can see, apart from some resilient trees and grassy patches, it’s not particularly useful or attractive!  The plan is to re-arrange what we have and purchase another three planter boxes with some of the grant funds to be placed along the ‘river bed’ so that each class have two boxes to nurture.

Here it is…..   ‘The Tap’!

(We have the handle hidden away, lest uninvited hands are tempted to play tricks!)

Watch this space!