Official Opening of the Junior Building

We’ve been teaching within the building for quite a while, but finally had the official opening of the Junior building on Friday, November 2nd.  The Honourable Simon Crean, Federal Member for Hotham, officiated.  He was met at the door by our School Captains for a school tour, then taken to the Junior building to be shown around by Kiah and Kelly.  What’s a Goozle Nut?

Mr. Crean was delighted by the range of activities and opportunities for learning that our Junior Learning Community have available to them in the BER (“Building the Educational Revolution”) facility.  School Captains, Cassie and Billy, are looking on.

The school choir performed the Anthem in Koori and English and featured with an Australian song entitled ‘Dreamland’.  No prizes for guessing to whom the bald head belongs.

During the ceremony, Jaidyn, Antosia and Lillie helped to explain how they feel about learning in the space.  Words like ‘happy’ and ‘fun’ were the most common.

Mr. Crean reinforced the comments of Garry Martin, Principal, that it’s not necessarily the building that’s important, but what goes on inside it.  We are very proud of what goes on inside our Junior Learning Community building.

The plaque is being mounted on a wall within the building for all to see.  During the ceremony, School Council President, Marjan de Bruijn, acknowledged the builders – Bovis Lend Lease and Project Managers APP.  The Federal funding listed on the plaque notes a contribution of $2.2m. for the building and for our playground shade structures in the National Schools Pride Program.  We also officially noted the contribution to the landscaping around the building of Citywide and Bunnings as well as the constuction of our playground shade canopies by ‘Shade Living’.  We’d like to thank Mr. Crean, our official guests, Parents, Staff and Students for making the ceremony and the afternoon tea to follow so special.