National Tree Day

We celebrated National Tree Day with all classes getting out into the garden to plant more native low shrubs and ground covers.  Thanks to the City of Kingston native nursery for providing enough plants for students to have one each.  Our 1/2 and 3/4 classes went out as a group at different times and the F/1s and 5/6s made it a Buddy activity.  Heidi is seen here working on putting her plant into our triangular garden.

Some kind Parents assisted us during the morning.  Monica Jean (with pre-schooler Bonnie beside her) is assisting the Year Ones and Twos.  Monica is the mother of Sienna from Year One.  In the background, Sadie looks like she’s wiping her brow after all the effort.  We’d also like to thank the family of Cameron (Yr. 5) and Aston (Year F) for providing help with planting.

Even though it’s been a bit rainy lately, Curtis, Billy and Josie make sure their plants are watered in well.

(From front into the distance…)  Junsung, Manav, Sadie, Sienna, Nastia, Timur and Chennie are glad to get their hands dirty and help out our gardens on the special day.

Laganpreet, Sarthak and Olivia from our 3/4 class are working on improvements to the front garden of the school.

Still in the front garden, (left to right around the circle)  Vishwa, Jenny, ?, Olivia, Mehdi, Miss Toni Williams and Sarthak from 3/4W make it a team effort.  Thanks again to the Parent helpers, Staff for their organising and, of course, the Students for their effort on National Tree Day – Friday, 24th. July.