National Tree Day – July, 26th.


Thanks to Sharon, Kylie, Helga, Rita and Li-Yan from our wonderful Parents and Friends group for supporting our class activities on National Tree Day.  All classes were able to plant a substantial tree and some potted plants in our various gardens.  Our Year 6s have planted seed sticks in pots to nurture and, hopefully, transplant into our gardens later in the year.

Liam and Timur teamed up to tackle the front garden.

Leyla, Drew, Matthew and Elaine from our 3/4 class were working in the garden bed next to the front driveway entry.

There was a bare patch at the bottom of our playground near the Reserve fence which needed the attention provided by our Year 6s with a tree planting.  Organising Parent, Sharon, is on the left with our P & F President Helga standing ready to assist or advise.

A great morning supported by all classes, staff and Parents and Friends.  Thank-you!