Myuna Farm Excursion for F-2s

Nastia and Sienna were excited at who – or rather what – they might find at Myuna Farm in Doveton.

We quickly found out it wasn’t just a “Farm”, but an Education Centre set up to help us learn new things about all sorts of animals.

Firstly we heard some things about a Nanny-Goat.

Chennie wasn’t quite so sure about this bit.  We think she got some milk into the bucket.

We are quite sure this one won’t need to be milked, but it was interesting to see and hear about the Australian Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo.

A train is a great idea for getting around the property in good time.  (Not sure that Billy is all that enthusiastic about it, however.)

We don’t often see so many different water birds all in the one place.

Sadie found the animal nursery one of the more engaging aspects of the visit.  Not sure if the guinea pig has a name yet.

Xavier’s not sure how a Northern Territory Buffalo came to be at a “Farm” in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

… and Camels???  Junsung can’t believe it, but he’s obviously glad they are here.

After her little rehearsal at Myuna Farm, Josie is ready for the next Olympic Dressage Event!

Forget about the animals – children and great playgrounds always go together.   Thanks, Myuna Farm!