Maths Professor

The Maths Professor visited the School during Term 2 and worked with all classes showing us that Maths can be fun and  used to solve problems.  He was an interesting character with fluffy, grey hair and black glasses.

The Professor explained that we would be working in small groups so that we can talk about the problems or the games and learn strategies from one another.

Chennie, Louis, Heidi and Billy figure out a strategy under the watchful eyes of the Professor.

Josie, Abby, Sadie and Sienna are ready to take a spin and race to the finish line, wearing their team jackets and “Professor” glasses.

Tyson, Miss McCartney, Josie and a mystery student with long hair (back to camera) are together working out how to position the blocks in this problem to solve.

Dimitri (front), Kayden, Curtis and Noah are listening very carefully as the Professor gives them a couple of hints on how to be successful in this activity.  A fantastic excursion from which all classes learned something.  Thanks to the “Maths Professor!”