Living Eggs - Chickens!

Arriving on Monday, the ‘Living Eggs’ organisation entrusted to us the care of 10 fertilised chicken eggs, an incubator (pictured) and a brooder.  Theyll be with us for two weeks, generating lots of oral language, reading, writing, investigations and learning about life cycles and the use of specific vocabulary. 

By Wednesday, we were seeing some action.  Did you know the process of the chick pecking the shell to get out is called ‘pipping’?

First one out during Wednesday, but we can hear and see some movement from his ‘neighbours’.

At the end of Wednesday there were two.  Thursday morning – four cute bundles of fluff!

The eight hatchlings grew quickly and were up and about in their brooder.  The yellow light kept them warm. 

This was the best part – a chance to (carefully!) play with them out on the grass.  Sienna, Sehrish, Liam and Miranda (L-R) are enjoying their close encounter with the downy fluff-balls.  Those which cannot be properly and comfortably ‘adopted’ by members of our School Community go back to the farm at the end of the week.  It’s been a great learning experience – and fun as well!