We were very pleased to host the Life Education Van on Friday, 26th. February.  The Program has been implemented in Victorian Schools for many years and assists schools with health, self-esteem and drug awareness programs.  The van visit complements the work already undertaken in these areas within the respective classes and teachers have a range of activities to carry out after the visit to consolidate important concepts.

The class was given the opportunity to sort foods into groups and discuss the benefits of each and how such things should be kept in balance.  It seems that “chocolate” doesn’t count as a food group.  We were limited to Meat, Vegetables, Fruit, Milk and Cereals.

Kylie Fraser, the Life Ed. Educator, was quick to engage our students.  Here she is explaining a point about keeping our bodies healthy and eating more healthily for Mrs. Corr’s F-2 class.

“Harold” is the Life Ed. mascot and he sticks his long neck into the lessons from time to time to check that students are, in fact, listening and learning.  Heath was given the opportunity to get up close and personal with Harold.

Sofia and Helena are examining their sample medicines so they might work together to group them and ensure they are correctly labelled.

After a chat about body language and how we might express certain emotions to one another, Billy and Noah were charged with the task of catagorising certain behaviours as Passive, Confident or Aggressive.

The 3-6s showing the ability to listen very carefully to what was being presented on the van’s projection screen.

You would think our “big kids” would be over “Harold”, but he soon had them laughing and joining in with all activities and (strangely) you always seem to learn better when you’re enjoying the process.