Kingston Junior Mayor

Early in Term 2 our Junior School Council attended the ceremony for election of the 2015 Kingston Junior Mayor at the Chelsea Hall.  Attended by more than 20 schools within the City of Kingston, teams of 4 from each school were given the opportunity to make a presentation to the others in the hope that their speaker might ultimately be elected as Junior Mayor.  Maria (left) and Leyla play with a piece of origami distributed around the tables by one of the Schools hoping to garner votes.

Jack (left) and Branson puzzle over theirs, but seem to be enjoying it.  Schools took turns presenting and listening to one representative from each School on the topic of promoting an initiative to assist Youth in the City of Kingston with a limited budget and a 6-month timeline.  Branson was nominated as our speaker.

(Left to Right)  Jack, Maria and Leyla offer Branson their moral support as he communicates our idea to the polite crowed of School Representatives.  He must have done well, as Branson was given a special Ambassador award at the end of the gathering.  Jasmine Warber from St. John Vianney’s Primary School was elected as Junior Mayor of Kingston for 2015/2016 and we congratulate her on receiving this honour.