Year 3-6 Healesville Sanctuary Excursion

Finally the cries of “Are we there, yet?” stopped.

After a briefing, video presentation and discussion in the Education Centre, we were charged with the task of coming up with an idea by the end of our day which might save some of our Australian Animals (e.g. Tasmanian Devil, Leadbeater’s Possum, Orange-Bellied Parrot) from extinction.  We set off in our groups, going in different directions.

There was lots to see in the animal-friendly environments created by the Sanctuary Staff.  The goanna looked just like it was in a semi-arid area.  It was BIG.

Of course, we saw all the “traditional” Australian Animals we expected to see.

Please take the food, but leave my hand.

The echidna just wanted to snooze through it all.

Look up to see the fruit bats just hangin’ around!

Some of the sculptures around the Sanctuary attracted as much attention as the real thing.

The parrot aviary was one of the most popular exhibits.  ‘Friends of the Sanctuary’ Volunteers gave us bird milk to attract some of the residents for a closer look.  We were warned that – as friendly as they looked – we shouldn’t put our fingers near any of those curved beaks.

The Flight Show featuring highly trained Parrots, Cockatoo, Galahs, Kestrel, Falcon (not the car!) was amazing.  Many of them were trained to fly closely over the top of the audience.  Lucky we had our hats on.

The highlight of the Flight Show was the wedge-tailed eagle, the largest raptor featured in the presentation.  The rangers kept impressing upon us the need to preserve the habitats of our Australian birds and Animals.

“Wipe for Wildlife” could be seen as a smelly, but very practical campaign.  Sanctuary Staff were encouraging us all to use recycled toilet paper at home and at school to reduce the need to cut down forest trees and destroy animal habitats to manufacture millions of rolls of tissue.  A great day learning about our Australian Animals and coming away with a very relevant message to spread.


Teachers always use these excursion experiences and classroom investigations as opportunities to develop their Students’ abilities in writing – reports, explanations, narratives, etc.  Max from Year 4 was inspired to write about ‘Spike’ and his story is attached.  Spike