Gymnastics Clinics with Chris

Chris always made sure to start with a thorough warm-up. Getting the legs wide is part of preventing injury and promoting flexibility.  It’s enough to make your eyes water!

As part of the warm-up routine, Billy(back left, facing camera) is helping the Coach, Chris (back right in the leg brace!) demonstrate a tuck sit.

Not so much an army line-up, but  …..

preparation for a lunge!

We experimented with making bridges with our bodies.  This one’s on the side ….

Chennie thinks she’s having fun on the roller board, but we know she’s improving upper body strength and co-ordination.

Billy is practising a spike jump, with Jenny in the background doing a crab walk with a pointed leg.

.. this one’s face up!  (tummies and hips as well)

L’Amour is a picture of concentration aiming to get to the other end of the balance beam.

One of our Foundation students – Levi – is practising a jump on the pad.  Year One, Lola, is looking on with appreciation.  This is a four-week program for the students using money gained from a Federal “Sporting Schools” grant.  We’re organising other sports programs for Terms 3 and 4.