Gardening with Cheltenham Secondary College

As part of the Year 9 “Connect” Program at Cheltenham Secondary College our Year 2/3 class “buddied up” with one of their classes to look at their garden set-up and to make some grass hair characters.  We’ll be having another visit in a fortnight. After an introduction from CSC Teacher, Kath Balson, our students were matched up with their Buddies to begin the activity.

oanna is happy to smile for the camera, but one of her Buddies, Molly, wasn’t so accommodating.  The first step in the activity was to cut up stockings into short tubes, tie a knot in one end and fill that with grass seed.  The students would eventually make faces on their grass-haired characters and so while waiting their turn for scissors and seeds they selected beads, pom-poms and other art pieces to use for the faces later.

With the seed in the bottom of the tied stocking, the next step was to fill it with soil, then tie another knot to hold it all in.  The older buddies held the stocking open so our students could shovel the soil.

With everything packed in it was time to glue on the craft pieces to make some very creative faces.  We had to remember to put the faces on the right way up.  We wanted the grassy “hair” to grow on the top and not have a character with a bald head and a green beard!

With the characters complete, we were reminded of what they may need back at school to get the grass growing – moisture and sunlight.

Before heading back to school, the Year 9s showed us their gardening area which looks like it’s at the same stage of development as the Le Page Organic Gardens.

They are a little ahead of us through the use of pre-loved tractor tyres.  A good idea, but where do you get them?

See you in a fortnight, and thanks for the stocking characters.  Next time we’ll be making table top mini gardens!