Le Page Twinkles Their Toes

Each week during Term 2 all classes participated in a dance/movement program provided by the Footsteps Dance Company.  This gave us the chance to move around to more modern music than Mr. Martin uses in his music lessons.  Alexis, Jhesmine and Helena are closest to the camera.

Jacinta was our dance teacher.  She kept us moving and showed us a number of moves suited to the different tracks.

Very soon into the term we realised we needed to concentrate a bit as we were working toward an end-of-term presentation for our parents.  Antosia, Jenny and Stephanie are closest to the camera.

Boys had a lot of fun following Jacinta’s moves as well.  Mehdi and Patrick are closest to the camera.  (Sorry it’s a bit blurry, but the subjects were moving at the time.)

Nastia, Heidi and Sienna have put on their ‘glad rags’ ready for the presentation.

Sienna is keeping Miranda company until Jacinta calls them into the hall for their part of the presentation.

Ben, Emily, Tahlia and Adam are certainly ready to get into the groove.

Thing 1, Thing 2 – or William in a wig?

Aaviela, Jorji and Josie are looking stunning!

Just posing while waiting for their call are Billy, Noah, Ryan, Manav and Tyson – with Curtis down in the front.

Our presentation was able to be held in our own Hall for a gold coin donation.  Lots of our Parents and friends took the time to join us in the finale of this whole school program.

Thanks, Jacinta – and Footsteps for another fantastic gathering of the School Community to celebrate the talents of the Students.