First Day for Preps – and others!

An exciting time for the children and their families as our 2014 Foundation (Prep!) students are properly introduced to our Junior Learning Community.  After our transition activities toward the end of 2013, there were no tears and lots of smiles.  (Parent tears came later over coffee and tea)  A well-supported morning of the first day and later meeting their Year 6 buddies.  Welcome to Le Page – new students and families!

Our Foundation (new name for Prep) and Year One room on the first day was quickly buzzing with the happy sounds of our “newbies” and their doting parents.

Curtis and William were ready to go last year and are glad the actual day has finally arrived.

Rosie and Abbey quickly farewelled their families and started activities with Year One student, Kadija.

Outside an eager group of our new Year 6s awaited news of who might become their Buddies for 2014.

In the next room, Mrs. Corr made introductions to the Year 2/3 group.

This year Mrs. Ball is working with our Year 4/5s.  (a bit fuzzy.  I’ll take another pic today)

Our 2014 Year 6 School Leaders have Mrs. Hyatt supporting them this year.