First Day 2015

The first day for our new Foundation students began with a lot of activity, being helped by the Year Ones who would be sharing the classroom during the year.  Miss Leah McCartney made sure their first full day at Primary School was full of fun and getting to know one another and the School itself.

Kevin, Louis and Tyson are getting used to the routine of engaging in activities at tables and then moving to the floor to find out about the next thing.

In the room next door, Mrs. Corr and 1/2C were chatting about plans for the year and how they might help the Foundation students and the other new students to the School who have just arrived.

All happy, smiling faces from the front!

Miss Toni Williams is new to our Staff in 2015 and she decided to use the “pit” in our Senior Learning Centre to learn some things about the children in her 3/4 class.  A great year ahead.

On the other side of the Senior Learning Centre, Mrs. Hyatt is discussing holidays, School Leadership and plans for 2015 with our Year 5/6 class.