Cultural Infusion

Cultural Infusion

Cultural Infusion

A Taste of Different Cultures

Maria started off the morning leading us into an Indonesian experience.  She spoke to us about some of the unique customs, art work and dances.

We got a chance to dress up in some colourful Indonesian accessories before Maria led us in attempting an Indonesian dance.  Lots of fun.

Some things between Asian cultures might be common – such as fans and flowing, colourful materials.  Mrs. Hyatt is training for an alternative career after retirement.

Sindi’s presentation was all about Chinese culture, fans, ribbons and umbrellas.  Originally from Northern China, Sindi enjoys bringing the experiences of her cultural background to children.

We thought fans were only used to help keep you cool, but Sindi explained you could use them to hide part of your face so that you could flash your eyes at a handsome man ………

…, but – watch out – we were amazed to learn that fans could be used for attack and self defence in a style of Kung Fu.  A fan with a sharpened, metal edge might be especially dangerous and just unfolding a specially made fan can make a scary noise.

Sindi gave us a fan each and a bit of instruction how to use them in a dance.

Sindi is organising the people down the end while the rest of us wait patiently.

Kneeling down for a graceful finish!

These fans have a longer and wide fringe so that you can use them to create ribbon effects.

Finally, Sindi showed us some of her brightly coloured umbrellas and showed us how we might hold and balance them.

OK, guys, hold it up, hold it up, look graceful, smile, stop wobbling – well done.

After an introduction to Indian culture (“Namastay!”), Eida showed us a dance based on classical Indian moves, but had a definite ‘Bollywood’ influence.

We all got up and had a go!

Some of us got to share our new skills with the others by dancing on stage.

When it’s all said and done, we are all Australians!  Thanks to Maria, Sindi and Eida for contributing to a wonderful day and week of multi-cultural experiences.  Thanks also to Mrs. Gillott for her organisation and to Mrs. Hyatt and other teaching staff for the organisation of a yummy multi-cultural lunch.


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October 19, 2015