Bunnings are In The Community

Tuesday, 8th. November was quite damp, but, despite the rain, the Bunnings team certainly kept busy all day.

There was lots of mulch and dirt to be distributed. 

Now, this goes here….. and that goes there …….

The herb and vegie gardens will, no doubt, be a feature of our new development and something the students will be using for some time to come.

The Bunnings crew created a “dry” river bed effect on the oval side of our Junior Learning Centre using mulch and plants.  The substantial rain between finishing Wednesday and Thursday morning certainly tested the drainage.  All good!

The creation of our Junior Learning Centre meant some of our playground seating had to be removed to make space.  Now we have it back – and more!!!

Ready for the next “Mexican Wave” when there’s action on the School’s oval.

Our sincere thanks to Sharlene, the Community Contact at Bunnings, Mentone, and all her tradie friends from Mentone and other Bunnings Warehouses nearby.