Building the Education Revolution – Construction

The Federally-Funded “BER” Project at Le Page is a new 4-classroom, open-spaced Learning Centre costing close to $2 million.  Being erected on the site of our “old” log cabin, the project is due for completion this month. (October, 2010)  The Building Contractor is Bovis Lend Lease and Project Supervision is provided by APP.  Watch this page for progressive pics.

From this and moving into next year, we will be spending $400,000 in a State-Fundedallocation to renovate and open up our original building so that all learning facilities available to Students and Staff at Le Page are truly of 21st. Century standard!

During the January, 2010 holidays, a protective fence was erected around the log cabin and one of our basketball courts and the car park was closed off for the builders’ sheds.