Building the Ed. Revolution- J.L.C. up & running!


Our Prep-2 students recently moved in to our new Junior Learning Centre. Two of the areas are being used as ‘classrooms’, while the other two have been transformed into spaces used for our daily Play to Learn sessions. See pics below.

Both students and teachers alike are enjoying the new teaching and learning opportunities this fantastic building offers.

The portability of our new notebooks adapt well to this new learning environment.   

Teachers work hard to keep the environment colourful and engaging and to record the learning the children have achieved.

Many beneficial activities are organised in our “Great Space” to effectively engage in learning.  It is not just “play” without a purpose.  Children work individually and in groups and develop essential skills as team members with all the hands-on materials available.

Mrs. Freestone leads a group in devloping their understandings regarding powders, grains and how to mix them to a useful purpose.  Of course, some have to taste the ingredients first.

The new portable interactive whiteboards are well used, giving students and teachers access to the most modern educational resources on line.

Not just a puppet theatre, but an opportunity for imaginative play and the development of oral language skills as children make up their own stories – mostly on the spot, but later can be scripted – and perform them. 

Of course, a lot of the action happens out of sight of the audience!

A lot of the time children don’t even realise they are learning.

Looks great on the outside as well.  This side fronts the school oval ….

…and this side faces the established building and asphalt area.