5/6 International Expo

The “Expo” is the culmination of our Term 3 Inquiry Learning Projects investigating facts about different countries of interest.  Some students went to the trouble of organising games, foods and beverages from their focus countries to make their stations at the Expo even more interesting.  Many students drew upon the cultural heritage of their parents in gathering resources, artefacts and information.

Strangely, Jerry chose to do his Expo station on China.  The chinese tea was delicious!

Jessica’s work on Fiji was colourful and really tasty!

Ashutosh’s presentation almost made you think you were in India.

Erin and her little sister were there to answer questions about Scotland.

Laura set up an indoor backboard and ring because Basketball is a popular sport in Lithuania!

After looking at Sabrina’s display, you are certainly better informed about Korea.

You want Sushi and information about Japan?  Ask Connor.   Well done, Year 5/6 students, Mrs. Corr and Mrs. Ball!!