3/4 Melbourne Expo

Our students from 3/4M have spent much of the term on their Inquiry Unit investigating many aspects of life in “Marvellous Melbourne”.  They’ve investigated the tourist sites, foods, arts, sports and other contributors to making Melbourne one of the world’s most livable cities.

Ella focused on special events like the Melbourne Show, Moomba and the Melbourne Cup.  New student, Charlotte, visited Ella’s stall during the afternoon.

Jordan’s investigation looked into Melbourne’s landmarks, like the Shrine and, of course, the Zoo.

Costa focused on the many sports we can involve ourselves with as participants and spectators.

Ben investigated Melbourne Transport.  Not sure if he’s in favour of Mykhi. 

Melbourne is an Australian centre for the performing and visual arts – as demonstrated by Audrey, Trisha and Adelia.

Alessandra also focused on the Arts – she’s hidden a bit behind her display.

A fantastic effort and a great learning experience by 3/4M and Mrs. Marshall.