Stepping into another year!

Quality, not quantity.

Heath joined the Le Page School Community today.  He had a great first day in ‘Foundation’.

L’Amour is a Year One ‘veteran’.  Her face isn’t dirty, it’s the result of family Australia Day celebrations on Tuesday.

Now in Year Two, Miranda and Shekinah have a lot to smile about.

Gregory (Year Two) and Jorji (Year One) share a table and an activity.

Lola seems to feel the need to hold her head up whilst Chennie is obviously bright and ready for the next task.

Joanna and Stephanie were so engrossed with their work that they had to be asked to look up for the camera.

Sofia and Helena are our Year Six students and will soon be awarded badges as School Captains.  On the first day – in between some work tasks – they offered a great deal of assistance in setting up the Senior Reading Nook and classroom displays.

Just a couple of casual Year Three guys – Billy and Noah.

Antosia and Jenny (Year Fives) are already comfortable being part of the senior levels of the School.

Here we all are in Mrs. Corr’s “half” of the BER Learning Community classrooms.  Mr. Martin was still setting up his side and was looking too bare to be photographed.  Looking forward to another rewarding year!!