If the shoe fits .......

Backstage before ‘curtain up’, there was a buzz of activity to get ready.  Big sister, Emina (back left) is helping to uglify her sister, Leyla (seated).  It’s a big challenge as Miss McCartney (F/1 Teacher on the right) is also on the job.

It wasn’t just the girls.  Mrs. (Debbie) Ball is helping to put gel through Ben’s hair so he can look like Rocky’s slick Manager, Dan Deany.

Patrick (left, seated with Ben) played Teaser, the talking dog.

Branson played Jack, the offstage inspector, who kept trying to stop the show because it wasn’t obeying theatrical rules.

William played the froggy friend of Cinderella.  Strangely, his name was Freddo!

The Fairy Brigade’s here with a “Way, hey, hey!”.   Maddy (Fairy Liquid), Jenny (Fairy Sajollygoodfellow), Laganpreet (Fairy Nuff at front) and Stephanie (Fairy Cake at the back), added a touch of magic to our little tale.

We finally got onto the stage.  Here Buttons (Callum) is trying to cheer up Cinderella (Selin).  Teaser the dog (Patrick) is well behaved sitting in the background.

Cinderella (Selin) is ecstatic over the prospect of the Fairy Godmother (Alexis, second from left) and the Fairy Brigade getting her to the Ball.

Selin as Cinderella and Jordan as Rocky (the artist formerly known as Prince Charming) had the audience captivated.

Our not-so-ugly sisters were played wonderfully by Drew (Anastasia – ‘Nasty’) and Leyla (Augustina-Gusty).  They just about stole the show with their antics and hilarious one-liners.

Mostly taken from the 1/2C Class, our school choir was a wonderful back-up for everything happening musically on stage.

Click the link for a copy of the Cinderella Program.

Cinderella Program