Road Safety Program

Nicole from the RACV helped us to introduce the unit, working with Students at all levels on Road Safety, care near crossings, use of bicycles and helmets – all sorts of things pitched at the level of Student understanding.

The younger Students got down to basics regarding how to safely cross the road – preferably in the care of an adult.

In the Junior Learning Centre Students began working with cardboard boxes and construction materials to make vehicles they could ‘wear’ for a special activity on Friday.  Timur seems to have his design worked out.

Some preferred big truck-like vehicles, whilst others ….

… were just as happy with little sporty types (Dimitri and William).

When we all had something to wear, it was off to our Teacher-constructed Traffic School in the Hall.  Thanks to John, our School Crossing Lollipop Man, who allowed us to use his flags and Lollipop for the morning.  It began to look a little bit like Nepean Highway in peak period.

L’Amour made a very attentive constable on traffic duty.  Everyone was very well behaved as they went by her, then ………

Liam, Kayden and Curtis all had signs to look after and jobs to do in regulating the “traffic”.  This was a fantastic hands-on unit where all children learned a great deal with real and role play situations.

Road Safety Activities