School Council and Parents & Friends


School Council

Le Page Primary School Council consists of 9 Councillors – 6 Parents and 3 DET Employees (2 Staff, plus the Principal). In line with Department of Education and Training Policy, the clear majority of members are Parents. Half the Council is elected each year and Councillors serve 2 year terms. The School Council determines School Policy within Departmental Guidelines and oversees the School Budget. We meet a minimum of 8 times per year (2 per term).

At the time of writing (February, 2015) the nomination processes for the new School Council are under way.  School Council membership will be confirmed at a Meeting scheduled for March 16th.

All School Councillors may also be contacted through the School’s

Nominations and elections for Council need to be completed by the end of Term 1 each year.  Being on School Council is a great way of making a contribution to the School for the benefit of all Students and their families.

Parents and Friends

Le Page Primary is also fortunate to have the support of a very active Parents and Friends group which manages the bulk of the School’s fundraising very effectively. Projects usually include an Easter Raffle, Entertainment Books, Hot Cross Buns, Mothers’ Day Stall, Student Disco, hosting a Kid Space evening and other projects. Membership of the P & F is formalised through a membership fee of only $2.00 to cover incorporation fees, insurances, etc. The President of the P & F is Helga Drpic, who can be contacted through the School.