Le Page Primary School was formed as a result of a merger between Cheltenham North and Cheltenham Heights Primary Schools onto the site previously occupied by Cheltenham Heights. The merger was a part of the State Government’s Quality Provision Strategy in 1993. The new school opened in January, 1994 with an enrolment of 267 under the leadership of Principal, Kevin Davey.

Community consultation and support led to the selection of the name of Le Page Primary School, after the Le Page family who have had a long historical involvement with this district. The original logo (not the one above, which was introduced in 2013) was the result of a competition which saw the final product coming from a combined effort of students from Cheltenham Secondary College. A sub-committee recommendation was accepted by School Council for our motto: “Pride in Achievement”.  That motto has been retained.

Le Page Primary was given a grant to relocate and refurbish four classrooms from the Cheltenham North School to become our Multi-Purpose Hall. The project was completed in September, 1995 and remains one of the school’s greatest assets.

Locally raised funds have seen all classrooms and the Hall being air-conditioned, all classroom computers being upgraded (fantastic at the time, but long since replaced by notebooks) and the Administration area being remodelled at a cost of over $110,000. At the time, School Council funded the repair and external painting of windows, eaves, fascias, gutters and downpipes at a cost of approximately $30,000. The Staffroom, Resource Room and Prep Learning Area were all upgraded with Federal funding during 2007.

An Art Room Mural by “Ringo” during 2007 and playground markings remain as features of the outside of the school. All classrooms have “Smartboard” Interactive Whiteboard Technology – a School Council investment of over $50,000 – making the teaching and learning technology for our teachers and students the best available, and this has continued through all remodelling and renovations since.

Federal “Building the Education Revolution” funding in 2010 supported improvements in our playground shade, Art Room Maintenance and the construction of a new Junior Learning Centre.

During 2012, “Better Schools Today” State Funding enabled the renovation of our Library and Classrooms at one end of our older building to become our ‘Senior Learning Centre’ which will remain a feature of our teaching and learning environment.  This renovation enabled other classroom spaces to be converted into a wonderful Library and a functional Instrumental and Classroom Music double classroom space.

Segments of Cheltenham Heights and Cheltenham North were put together to truly “merge” the two Schools.

The Official Opening was an exciting event.

Original School Logo